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Spring 2019

What a welcome!

What’s wiggly, giggly and pink all over? Ninety-two little Tarahumara girls all dressed alike rushing to hug a couple of American visitors! It had been a little over a year since we (Jim and Ann) had visited the school in Cerocahui, and the welcome was warm and wonderful. Spilling out of the church after mass, the girls pulled us along to the school, where they showered us with greetings and thanks...
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Holidays 2018

Joyful Noise
The noise around the Tewecado dormitory just went up a notch...and it's not just because of giggling girls. Construction began October 1 on the new shower and bathroom facilities, laundry and locker room connected to the ...
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Spring 2018

But The Good News is...
Life is seldom easy for the poor... and even less so in the remote regions of Mexico's Sierra Tarahumara. Every day is a new challenge for the Sisters trying to feed, house, and educate their Tarahumara charges.
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Holidays 2017

Where Are They Now?
We are often asked what happens to the girls after they graduate from primary school and leave the Tewecado. Most of the Tarahumara boarding students go on to "secundaria", which is the equivalent to junior high in the US, and ...
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Letter To Our Tewecado Donors

Upon stopping and reflecting on current circumstances, we find ourselves surprised at the success of scientific and technological advances... yet, sadly, we see the continued strong presence of war that leaves so many wounded around the globe and the rise of individualism that is robbing us of the ability to think of others. This reality compels us to put our hands and hearts to work. If we can overcome a selfish world, we can unleash solidarity, compassion and mercy... a world of open hearts and minds where barriers, walls, race, and language are meaningless because we know we are all brothers...
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