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Holiday 2021

Feliz Navidad

On behalf of the Sisters and each and every one of our girls, we want to express our profound gratitude with a resounding THANK YOU! We pray every day that God will reward your generosity and that this Christmas will be one of peace, love and happiness for you and your loved ones...
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Summer 2021

Continuing Education
Don Ramon met Adelia twelve years ago when she was a student at the Tewecado in Cerocahui but lost track of her over the years following her sixth-grade graduation. As it turns out, Adelia was not one of the educa-tional success stories: instead of in school...
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Holiday 2020

Social distancing in the Sierra
Not even those who live in the remotest regions of the world are unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. At this writing, the Mexican state of Chihuahua has issued a “red alert” for all areas, including Cerocahui and Madera, our two main areas of support...
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Holiday 2019

Showered with Blessings!
The school’s latest construction project was completed in September and, after a blessing by the local parish priest, the girls moved their belongings into the new locker rooms. The two-story building is separate from, but attached to, the girls’ dormitory...
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Letter To Our Tewecado Donors

Upon stopping and reflecting on current circumstances, we find ourselves surprised at the success of scientific and technological advances... yet, sadly, we see the continued strong presence of war that leaves so many wounded around the globe and the rise of individualism that is robbing us of the ability to think of others. This reality compels us to put our hands and hearts to work. If we can overcome a selfish world, we can unleash solidarity, compassion and mercy... a world of open hearts and minds where barriers, walls, race, and language are meaningless because we know we are all brothers...
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