Tewecado Trust

Letter to our Tewecado donors from
School Administrator Madre Adriana Begonia Saenz Nuñez:


Upon stopping and reflecting on current circumstances, we find ourselves surprised at the success of scientific and technological advances... yet, sadly, we see the continued strong presence of war that leaves so many wounded around the globe and the rise of individualism that is robbing us of the ability to think of others. This reality compels us to put our hands and hearts to work.

If we can overcome a selfish world, we can unleash solidarity, compassion and mercy... a world of open hearts and minds where barriers, walls, race, and language are meaningless because we know we are all brothers and sisters under the skin. We impose our own limits, and as humans, we are all tasked with recovering our human dignity.

Faced with this reality we are called to promote a culture of solidarity and mercy in order to overcome indifference. We are called to fight for peace, which is the outgrowth of compassion. We are called to live the values of liberty, justice, tolerance, and equity because these form the moral compass that allows a society to evolve and progress.

And now, once again contemplating our current circumstances, we are encouraged by the enlightened hearts of people like you ... and happily discern the presence of something much stronger than ourselves: love, the love that heals and frees us all. This completely different view of reality gives us hope for a better world.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation, especially now as we enjoy our newly expanded kitchen thanks to you and your generous hearts. Thanks for keeping alive the flame of solidarity. Thanks for all your support, which maintains and invigorates our work.

Your unconditional support, sincere generosity and continued attention to this very vulnerable corner of the Sierra Tarahumara where 104 indigenous girls and 250 primary students gather, makes our hearts swell and say THANK YOU. Thank you for eliciting so many smiles on our children's faces and giving us the opportunity to continue with our mission. Thank you for joining with us to put our hands and hearts to work.

May God reward your generosity and multiply His blessings on you and your families.

With love, prayer and gratitude,

The boys and girls, teachers, parents and Sisters of the Tewecado Mission School.