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Holidays 2006

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Greetings and Happy Holidays!

When Sister Catalina called and said she needed funds for Encyclomedia, Ann said, "Encyclopedia? I thought you had an encyclopedia." "No," she patiently responded, "Encyclomedia." Oh. For the pedagogically challenged among us, this is a state-of-the-art "smart class room" with computers and smart boards. The Mexican government is funding Encyclomedia rooms for public schools. When the Chihuahua Businessmen's Foundation (the same folks who built the new dormitory) got wind of it, they decided to build one in Cerocahui and also provide the technical training for the teachers. The Trust was asked to front a small amount to begin construction, which we did gladly. The free-standing room (completed in a record four months!) is located in front of the school, on the right as you approach the entrance.

Drawing by Victori Osorio

In our last newsletter we told you of the new septic field to be constructed across the road and down by the basketball court. In the photo Mother Superior Lourdes shows off the new construction, made possible through your donations to the Tewecado Trust. The job was bigger than expected (so, what else is new?) and entailed ripping up the public road, for starters. It's now complete and should meet the school's need for years to come.

Did you know ...?

The name "Tewecado Trust" was not chosen to twist your tongues! Pronounced "tay -way -CAH - dough,"" Tewecado comes from the Rarámuri word tehueque (or teweke), which means little girl. So, a Tewecado is a school for tewekes - in this case, 75 of them!

And speaking of 75 girls...

Add them to a hot day...and a cool, inviting river. That adds up to a lot of fun. Of course the girls do not have bathing suits but that certainly didn't stop them! I wish we could include the video so you would hear their squeals of joy.

Meet Our Teachers

Lluvia Lípez Ruiz teaches third graders - over 30 of them! A Cerocahui native, the 20-year-old has been teaching for three years and hopes to complete her teacher certification by December 2007. She is the oldest of nine children and lives with -- and helps to support -- her parents, as her father is no longer able to work. Her message to our donors: "Thank God there are people like you who give without expecting anything in return."

Adriana Tapadera Mancinas is 21 and has been teaching second grade for three years. She and her 2-year-old daughter Ana María live with her grandparents. Adriana travels to Creel every other weekend to pursue her teacher certification, which she hopes to obtain by December 2007. She loves spending time with children and helping them learn and looks forward to a long teaching career.

Note: Four teachers, including Lluvia and Adriana, are currently receiving scholarships from Tewecado donors in order to continue their education. Two more are hoping to start in January. If you would like to help, please contact us.

Sister Carmelina, a tiny fireball of energy who was "the mom" in charge of the girls for the past three years, has been reassigned to Puebla. Carmelina left an indelible impression on the girls: As a result of her encouragement, all nine of last year's sixth-grade Tarahumara students went on to junior high at another boarding school run by the Sisters in the town of Carichí - a record! Her replacement, Sister Soledad (known as "Sol"), arrived in August.

Christmas is coming!

Our Tarahumara girls will be a lot cozier this year, thanks to the warm pajamas Sister Catalina is ordering as presents for the girls. These will be wrapped up with little gifts and candies, too, to make it a memorable holiday for all.

The Trust provides the funds for this project and your donations will certainly help.

Endowment Challenge

Last year you very generously donated over $13,000 specifically for the Tewecado Endowment Fund. Can we exceed that amount this year? Help us secure the future of the Tewecado.

Please be sure to indicate "Endowment Fund" on your donation.

Thank you for your continuing generosity. The lives of 75 little Tarahumara girls in Cerocahui have been enriched by your caring and support.

James L. Moline