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Holidays 2007

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Hooray for our teachers!

After nearly five years of studying and traveling to Creel to attend the Universidad Nacional de Pedagogía, four of our teachers will obtain their teaching certificates in March. Left to right, Lluvia Arena López Ruiz, Cruz Adriana Tapadera, Hilda María Aguirre Ruiz and María de los Angeles Quintero Frías were supported in their efforts by Tewecado Trust scholarships.

In September, the Trust treated all Sisters and staff to a celebratory dinner at the Misión Hotel in honor of the graduating teachers. In recognition of their accomplishments, the four teachers will also receive a financial bonus and a graduation ring.

Two more teachers have signed up to study for their teaching degrees: Carmen Raquel Martínez Pérez, (left) who has been taking care of the school library and other administrative tasks for the past 2-1/2 years, and Lucina Rodríguez Gill, a Cerocahui native, joined the staff last year and is currently teaching preschool. It costs about $700 per semester per student to cover tuition, housing, food and transportation. And, since degree program requirements have changed for new incoming students, Lucina and Raquel will travel to Creel every weekend (instead of every other) for the next four years to obtain their credentials.

What a commitment! Let us know if you would like to sponsor one of these hard-working young women.

Endowment challenge

In the Spring newsletter we announced a $5,000 challenge grant for our endowment fund. So far, we are a little less than half-way there! This is an excellent opportunity to double your donation's value and help assure continued financial support for the school.
Please be sure to indicate "Endowment Fund" on your donation.

A successful visit

This fall 17 donors and friends of the Tewecado Trust spent over three days at the school in Cerocahui, participating in classroom and playground activities, providing medical assessments and having fun helping the girls decorate their own pillowcases and make pizza. This was the second trip sponsored by the Trust and included more time at the school to enable everyone to spend time interacting with the Tarahumara girls and day-school students.

Say aaaaah...

Neil Arbegast, MD, and Robin Walsh, RN, spent their time examining many of the students at the school. The Sisters selected those they felt should be checked out by the doctor and took copious notes on his suggestions. His findings ranged from a dog bite (on one of the day-students), minor infections and heart issues, to a rather severe case of scoliosis. The Sisters have already taken several of these children to Chihuahua City for further medical evaluation and treatment.

Would you believe...TUNA PIZZA?!?!

Yep...that's what they made. The sixth grade girls gathered one morning to make their own pizza from scratch under the watchful eyes and direction of several of our donors. All was going well until it was time for the toppings. They do not have many fresh items in the pantry, so the pizza contained a lot of jalapeno peppers, cheese, onions and yes, canned tuna. Mmmmm! Their efforts paid off as all 75 of the girls devoured the pizza at lunch. And, the Sisters did quite a number on it as well.

Some of the other activities with the girls...

Marj Wippermann (left) helps the girls decorate their pillow cases.

Susanna Orzech (right) works with one of the youngest girls while she makes an ornament.

A capital idea ...

For years now, we have observed the rickety condition of the dovecote, errr, roof at the school and seen how temporary fixes have simply disintegrated in the next rainfall. When the leaks started jeopardizing the food supply in the pantry, Sister Catalina asked us for our help. So, while visiting the school several of us took a look and worked with a local tradesman to come up with an estimate to repair or replace the badly worn roof. (See photos)

After much discussion among the Tewecado Trust supporters accompanying us, we decided to launch a capital campaign to raise the necessary funds - approximately $60,000 -- to re-do the entire 240 lineal meter (~788 ft.) expanse. We have $11,000 in seed grants to kick off our efforts and, since the work can be done in sections, we hope to begin work on the worst parts as soon as we raise $15,000. So, once again, as you consider your year-end finances and holiday giving, we ask for your generous support.

Here's what your donation will buy:

$ 250 1 lineal meter
$ 1,250 5 lineal meters
$ 4,000 Complete the seed grant so work can begin
$15,000 1 - 60 lineal meter section (We can dream, can't we??)

A new way to teach

Last year the Tewecado Trust funded the down payment on the school's new Encyclomedia Room. It's now completed and we were treated to a demonstration during the donor trip in September. In this photo, the girls are using the "smart board" to learn their multiplication tables.


There are two new faces at the Tewecado: Mother Superior Alicia Vega Cervera (left) comes to Cerocahui from her most recent post at the order's school in Batopilas. Sister Marcia Guadalupe Morales recently took her initial vows and returns to the Tewecado where she spent February and March last year. She is in charge of the boarding school students.

Thank you for your continued support of the Tewecado Mission School and the 75 little Tarahumara girls who live and grow there.