Tewecado Trust

Holidays 2008

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An IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Corporation

A Letter from Sister Catalina Orpineda to our Donors and Friends

"We want to once again express our gratitude for your invaluable support and interest in our children. Each one of you is a miracle of God for us, because thanks to Him and all of you we have had the opportunity to help the most needy - and not just with economic support, but also with the moral support, interest and affection that each and every one of you have shown for our work here."

"Last school year we made great strides thanks to your support: three of our teachers graduated with teaching certificates; three more started their studies; every month a teacher trainer visited the school to help our teachers improve their skills, and we started the roof repair project. There is still much to do, however: we are living in times of great economic need in our country. Food and services, like electricity, telephone and gas, are becoming scarcer and alarmingly more expensive. We trust that with your continued support our girls will never lack for the basics."

"Words can't express how grateful I am that God has put you in our path. Know that you are in our prayers and in our hearts. May God bless you and reward you for helping the poorest of the poor, the Tarahumara."

New Nightgowns for the Girls

Thanks to the efforts of one of our donors and several of her friends, the girls have nice, new and WARM nightgowns for the coming winter.

A Tewecado "Fix"

Board members Lisa Giannini and Tom Giannini (below left) recently visited Cerocahui and spent some quality time with the girls, doing crafts and classroom activities.

Raising the Roof!

One down, three more to go! The roof over the kitchen and pantry area has been completed and we are almost halfway to our goal of raising the $18,000 needed to start the second section. A generous donor is offering a challenge: he will match your gifts for the roof repair, dollar-for-dollar, up to $4000. This is a great opportunity to double your donation and provide a lasting - and much-needed - benefit to the Tewecado School.

Cultural Potpourri

Wrap your heads around this one: Tarahumara girls in Copper Canyon practicing an ancient Asian tradition at the direction of a young volunteer yoga teacher from Guadalajara... and loving it! For two months, the girls attended regular classes, with poses and music adapted for their age groups using yoga mats they made themselves from scrap fabric.

Welcome Aboard!

There are some new faces on both sides of the border: Mother Superior Isabel Garcia has joined the other three Sister who manage the school and care for the girls. Four new board members were elected to the Tewecado Trust: Michelle Coyne, a financial consultant from Nashville, TN; William Pickeral, a student at MIT and our volunteer webmaster; Lisa Giannini of Tucson, AZ, who recently returned from the Peace Corps in Guatemala, and Sandra Giannini, a retired teacher also of Tucson.

In these trying economic times, we ask you to remember those less fortunate among us. Instead of a gift this holiday, why not honor those you love with a donation to the Tewecado Trust? We will send a card informing them of your thoughtfulness.