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Holidays 2011

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Holiday wishes from Sister Catalina

Christmas is near, a time when the world is full of beautiful thoughts. We remember the reason for the holiday and that is why we are sending this message of affection and gratitude to you who have so unselfishly supported a handful of little Tarahumara girls so that they may live a life of dignity. We have no words to express how important and valuable your support has been to us. We wish you could see the result of your efforts the children's faces filled with hope and joy.

This year the number of children we are serving has increased dramatically: we have 92 Tarahumaras in the boarding school and 318 students in the school. This year has been es- pecially difficult, with a winter with no rain or snow and an intense cold wave in February which greatly affected the crops. Coupled with a severe summer drought and the lack of em- ployment opportunities, times are hard for all of us. Every day brings a new challenge -- to feed the girls, to pay the teachers but we trust in God and in your generosity to help keep us afloat.

Dear friends, on behalf of the Sisters and each and every one of our girls, we want to express our profound gratitude with a resounding THANK YOU! We pray every day that God will reward your generosity and that this Christmas will be one of peace, love and happiness for you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas and may God bless you all.

Donate on-line!

Board member and volunteer Will Pickeral maintains and updates the Tewecado Trust website. Thanks to his efforts, you can now donate on-line via Paypal at www.tewecado.org . In order to best serve the children and keep our overhead costs low, we prefer mail-in donations. (Paypal charges us 2.2% + $0.30 for every transaction processed.) However, we want to offer this convenience for our donors who prefer it.

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Bursting at the seams

With 318 students, classroom capacity is stretched to the limit. Fifty first-graders and 48 second graders are scrunched into classrooms designed for much smaller groups, and Sister Catalina has moved mountains to obtain additional teachers through the help of the State of Chihuahua.

But that doesn't solve the space issue. Enter the Chihuahua Businessmen's Foundation: this group of philanthropists has funded work to expand the school's classroom and library space by constructing a second story over the day school's western side. They have hired Cerocahui native Abel López, who re-did the Tewecado roof, to oversee the project using local manpower. During construction, which started in October, displaced students will take classes in the com- puter room and space in the Tarahumara girls' dormitory. The upheaval is expected to last until spring when the children will move into the newly expanded space.

The Tewecado Trust has committed to purchase the furnishings for the new space, including desks, chairs, shelving units, filing cabinets and furniture for a teachers' lounge. If you would like to help with this effort, please indicate "furnishings" on your check.

Out with the old... the girls help empty the existing classrooms so work can start on the new second story.

What's next?

With several capital improvements under our belts, it's time to turn our attention to the future of the school. In discussions with our board members and several generous donors, we have identified our next priority: growing the Endowment Fund. We currently have some monies earmarked for this purpose, but our hope is to eventually increase the principal so the Tewecado Trust can fund the school's needs from earnings payouts, a very long-term and lofty goal.

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