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Holidays 2012

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Christmas greetings from Sister Catalina

"On behalf of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Poor and each and every one of the girls under our care in the Tewecado, we want to express our profound gratitude for your generosity. Each peso we have received from you has been a valuable support for our children. Your donations are always a gift from Heaven but even more so during this drought when both the number of girls and their needs have increased. We trust in God and in your benevolence in order to continue aiding the poorest of the poor.

Many, many thanks for your continued support. We hope you can visit us so you can get to know the little ones you have helped. You are always welcome in our little community of Cerocahui in the Sierra Tarahumara mountains. Merry Christmas, and may God bless you and reward your unselfish generosity."

Long-time school administrator Sister Catalina Orpineda.

Toys for the Tewecado

Few children in Cerocahui experience the thrill of opening gifts at Christmas and the recent drought has made the possibility even more remote. For this reason, the Sisters and the Tewecado Trust have teamed up to provide each primary school student with a book or small toy and some sweet treats. We need your help to play Santa to 328 children. At $10 each, your $100 donation will allow us to purchase gifts for ten needy kids. Be sure and indicate "Christmas gifts" on your check.

Teacher training

For the past seven years, the Tewecado Trust has provided scholarships for those primary school teachers wishing to obtain their teaching certification. In addition to improving the quality of education, certification carries economic benefits: the Mexican government will financially support a credentialed teacher, even in parochial schools.

Two graduates of the program, Hilda and Adriana, are now sponsored by the government, thus saving the cost of those two salaries. Three teachers - Lucina, Raquel and Esperanza - are currently enrolled in the program. It costs about $700 per semester per student to cover tuition, housing, food and transportation.

If you would like to support their efforts to better themselves, please indicate "Teacher Scholarships" on your check.

I would like to donate $ to be used for .

Solar solution

Volunteer "don" Ramon is always penciling out ways for the school to save money or increase efficiencies. His latest idea is to replace the current gas-fired water heaters with solar versions. According to his calculations, with five solar-powered units the school could meet the needs of 100 little girls showering every day -- and the system would pay for itself within 18 months! He estimates the cost to be US$1400 per heater, or US $7000 total. In typical don Ramon fashion, this does not include labor, as he would install the systems himself. The Tewecado Trust wants to support him in this economically - and environmentally - sound project. A generous donor has offered a challenge: he will match your gift designated to the water heater project, up to a total of $2500. Double your donation and do good! Be sure and mark your check "Water heaters."

Dandy discipline

Timeouts are an effective way to discipline children, and Sister Paola decided that was the best course of action when two of the boarding school students misbehaved. She promptly put them in the "tiendita" (meaning "little store") and told them to stay until she returned. No rush, Sister, as the tiendita is where all the candy and goodies are stored. The girls indulged mightily and even passed some out to their friends, since the priest had recently preached to them about the virtues of sharing. Both Sister Catalina and Madre Isabel hope they will also get a timeout soon.

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