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Welcome Madre Bego!

The Tewecado in Cerocahui has three new and two returning staff members this school year. Sister Adriana Begonia (Madre "Bego") is the new mother superior and school administrator. A native of San Juanito in the Copper Canyon region, she says coming to Cerocahui is like coming home. Most recently the director at the Sisters' school in Creel, Madre Bego is young, energetic and full of ideas -- she re-galed us with stories and ideas for improvement during our recent visit to the school (see more on that below).

Kitchen for kids

The stated mission of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Poor is to “help the poorest of the poor.” The Tarahumara in the Copper Canyon region certainly fit this criteria -- as do the vast majority of non-indigenous (or "Mestizo") primary school students who attend the Tewecado. The sisters have worked hard over the years to include these children and their families in their efforts to provide a hand up. Now the Mexican Government is stepping in with a federally funded program that will enable the sisters to provide school lunches to all 260 kids during the school week.

But (and isn't there always a caveat?), in order to receive the necessary funds, the sisters must extend the school day and update the kitchen facilities to accom-modate the increase in demand.

Current Kitchen

A portion of the solid rock to be removed

In 2014, the Tewecado Trust was asked for support to enlarge and update the school's cramped kitchen. At the time we expressed concern over the lack of continuity among administrative staff at the school to see such a project through to the end. Now, recognizing the urgency of the project, the Provincial Motherhouse in Chihuahua City has assigned Madre Bego the task of overseeing the remodeling, with the ex-pectation that the kitchen will be completed by the end of the current school year.

The project is already underway. Madre Bego has hired an architect from nearby Creel who is familiar with the Sierra Tarahumara's challenging terrain (since the area tagged for the expansion is solid rock!) and has submitted a request to the Tewecado Trust for our support and approval.

We are convinced that, with Madre Bego at the helm, this project will be handled with the professionalism and care that such a task requires. We hope you, our friends and donors, will get behind us in this very worthy endeavor. Please mark "Kitchen Project" on your check.

THANK YOU! We can't do this without your support. Please remember "our girls" with a generous donation to the Tewecado Trust.

Toys for the Tewecado

Every year the Sisters and the Tewecado Trust team up to provide each primary school student, including the Tarahumara boarding students, with a book or small toy and some sweet treats. We need your help to play Santa to 260 children. At $15 each, your $150 donation will allow us to pur-chase gifts for ten needy kids. Be sure and indicate "Christmas gifts" on your check.

Ways you can help

One way to increase support of the school is to include others, by sharing information, hold-ing fundraisers and encouraging our faith to join us. Recently, the yoga community in Tuc-son, AZ, added money to our coffers, thanks to the efforts of local instructor Mary Carhuff. The Tarahumara weave sturdy, colorful belts that double beautifully as yoga straps. Mary sold 16 of these straps at $20 each, netting $320 for the girls in Cerocahui. Thanks, Mary!

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