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Holidays 2018

Tewecado Trust, Inc.
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An IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Corporation

Joyful Noise
The noise around the Tewecado dormitory just went up a notch...and it's not just because of giggling girls. Construction began October 1 on the new shower and bathroom facilities, laundry and locker room connected to the girls' dormitory. The project, which was recently re-estimated at about US$85,000 due to some additional engineering and expansion of the original plans, will include the building and fixtures as well as remodeling of the space currently being used for showers. The Tewecado Trust has agreed to provide $64,000 toward completion of the project. The Society of Jesus in Mexico, a worldwide organization of Jesuits, has pledged US$20,000.

¡Muchas Gracias!

On behalf of the children, parents and Sisters at the Tewecado Mission School, Madre Bego sends a huge THANK YOU to all the Tewecado Trust donors and friends: Your unconditional support, sincere generosity and continued attention to this very vulnerable corner of the Sierra Tarahumara makes our hearts swell. Thank you for eliciting so many smiles on our children's faces and giving us the opportunity to continue with our mission. Thank you for joining with us to put our hands and hearts to work.

Welcome Aboard!

Charlie Wippermann of Tucson, AZ, has joined the board of The Tewecado Trust. A retired kindergarten teacher, Charlie and his wife Marj have been supporters of the Trust since its inception in 2002. They have participated in several "donor trips" to Cerocahui, where they have helped with minor construction work and led the girls in fun and games (as befits a former teacher!). Charlie joins current board members Tom and Sandra Giannini, Lisa Giannini, Jim Moline and Ann Brehm-Moline, all of Tucson, AZ; Bill and Judy Pickeral, Northglenn, CO; and Michele Coyne, Nashville, TN.

Christmas is Coming...

And the kids are getting gifts! Each year the Tewecado Trust provides a small gift -- about US$15 per child -- to all of the children at the school: 250 day students and 97 Tarahumara girls. Gifts are chosen by the Sisters based on need and appropriateness. Would you like to help? Please indicate "Christmas gifts" on your check.

Help Has Arrived

After two years of handling both the role of Mother Superior and School Administrator, Madre Bego finally has some help with her Tarahumara charges. Sister Margarita Sanchez, a recent transfer from the Order’s location in Texas, has assumed the duties of School Administrator, freeing Madre Bego to focus on the Tewecado construction project and her ecclesiastical duties. In addition, Sis- ters Gloria, Georgina and Martha are on hand to help with the smooth operation of the school.

In Memory: Sue Stilwell

Sue Stilwell, long-time supporter of the Tewecado Mission School, died June 18, 2018, in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Sue, owner of S&S Travel, specialized in tours to Mexico's Copper Canyon as well as other Spanish-speaking destinations. Many of you knew her as she handled the arrangements and accompanied us on several Tewecado Trust "donor trips" to the school in Cerocahui. She will be greatly missed.

Memorial Donations

Bob Mitchell by Catherine Devanney
John Hodik by Barbara Hodik
Peggy Hershberger by Gene Hershberger
George & Nina Masek by Holly Stahl
Trisha Pedroia by Bob & Marty Birgen
Sue Stillwell by James Nussbaum, Carolyn Pederson, Paul & Susanna Orzech, John Scherrer, Bonnie Nitta, Kathleen Burkhart, John & Juanita Rockhill, Ursula Szierer

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