Tewecado Trust

Roof Renovation Project

Sponsered by the Tewecado Trust

Remember this section
of roof over the kitchen?

Well, thanks to you...

It now looks like this!!!

That's right! Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to fund the first section of roof replacement at the Tewecado Mission School in Cerocahui, Mexico.

Work was started on the worst section over the kitchen and pantry because the leaks were threatening the food supply. The entire section of roof was removed, the wood posts and header were replaced with cement, new trusses and decking were installed, bird blocking was added and the drywall ceiling of the passage way was replaced with plywood.

But the work is far from finished. Each 60-lineal meter section (about 197 ft.) costs an average of $15,000, and we have three more sections to complete. Please help us raise the additional $45,000 needed to provide 75 little Tarahumara girls with a dry place to live and learn.

Thank you for your generosity.