Tewecado Trust

Spring 2008

Tewecado Trust, Inc.
P.O. Box 36078
Tucson, AZ 85740-6078

An IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Corporation

Dear Donors & Friends:

What does it take to keep 75 girls in food, clothing and shelter AND maintain a 250-student primary school? Sister Catalina, the administrator of the Tewecado Mission School, recently shared her 2008 operating budget with us. Including salaries for the teachers and staff - the largest single expense item - the annual budget topped $170,000. Food expense was second on the list at over $45,000. As you may know, the Sisters, who receive no funds from their order or the local parish church, must raise the monies needed to support their mission in Cerocahui. It's easy to see why your continued support is critical to the future of the school and the many children who benefit from it.

Meet our teachers

Miriam Jaime has been teaching at the school for four years and currently "rides herd" on 38 fifth-graders. "Teaching fills me with great satisfaction," she says, "knowing that I can provide my students values and hopes that will allow them to be better people and parents in the future." A native of Chihuahua City, Miriam currently lives in Cerocahui with her husband and 4-year-old daughter. Her message to our donors: "I am so grateful that there are people like you that give simply to help us in our mission and don't expect anything in return."

Dámaso Mancinas, an 11-year-old day student at the school, has always been a sickly boy who couldn't physically keep up with his peers. When Dr. Neil Arbegast examined him during our donor trip last September, he identified the cause of the boy's distress: a severe heart condition thatif left untreated, was sure to result in his early demise. Sister Catalina pulled out all stops to ensure the boy received the needed care. On March 26, Dámaso underwent heart surgery in Chihuahua City where the doctors identified and repaired four problem areas. After some (literally) heart-stopping moments, he's back home now and on his way to leading a normal life. Thanks, Neil and Sister Catalina!

In our holiday newsletter we described the desperate condition of the school's roof and challenged you to join us in a capital funds drive to repair and replace the most deteriorated sections. What a response! As a result of your generosity, the Sisters have already contracted to re-do the 60-meter section over the pantry and the girls' dining, study and laundry areas. And, because we could purchase the necessary materials in bulk, we realized savings that stretched our dollars further than expected.

This is an on-going effort, so there is still time to contribute to the project. $250 will buy one lineal meter; $1,250, five lineal meters and, if you're feeling particularly generous, $15,000 will help us complete a 60 lineal meter section.


James L. Moline

On behalf of the Sisters and the 75 little girls in their care, thank you for your continued and generous support. We couldn't do this without you!