Tewecado Trust

Spring 2010

Tewecado Trust, Inc.
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Tucson, AZ 85740-6078

An IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Corporation

Teaming Up

This year the girls are teaming up to get things done! Sister Adriana, one of two new Sisters who oversee the 81 Tarahumaras at the boarding school, has decided to implement a team approach to homework, chores and crafts. Instead of a system of older students mentoring younger ones, eight to ten girls of all ages will have their destinies entwined - for good or ... less good. On its first day of implementation, groups of disinclined, giggling girls could be seen sweeping the pavement, making tortillas and cleaning the bathrooms, usually with a recalcitrant 5- or 6-year-old in tow. By craft time that afternoon, the teams had bonded and a friendly competition among them foretold positive results.

Kudos, Catalina!

Sister Catalina Orpineda was recognized for her work among the Tarahumara in the recently published book, Mujeres que engrandecen Chihuahua ("Women Who are a Credit to Chihuahua"). The book profiles 30 women, past and present, who have enriched the lives of people in that Mexican state.

Here's a brief (if that's possible!) excerpt from the book detailing her responsibilities: "She oversees food preparation for the Tewecado, makes sure the day students get their free breakfasts from the City, watches out for sick and undernourished children and obtains clothing and warm wraps for the neediest. In the academic environment she monitors the curriculum for each grade level and approves student progress. And, if that weren't enough, she is in charge of fundraising for the school, to cover payroll, student scholarships, school maintenance and special events, such as Christmas or Easter ceremonies." Whew. And she's modest, too. We found out about this from a family member, NOT from Sister Catalina.

Riddle me this

What would you expect to find under the old roof over the Sisters' quarters? No, not saints in the attic - something much more mundane: bushels and bushels ... and BUSHELS of pigeon droppings. Eewww! Our local contractor, Abel, is busy replacing this section of roof and should have it completed by Holy Week. The sisters will be breathing a little easier - literally. More evidence that your donation is going to support a very good cause. Only one more section of roof remains to be replaced!

Vacation Dreams

If you've dreamed of seeing the little girls your donation dollars support, you will have your chance in November when we host the third "Tewecado Mission Trip." But hurry, as space is limited! Participants can choose from two options: The Nov. 1-9 trip will depart from Los Mochis and include a tour of Copper Canyon plus three days at the school for $1465 per person ($250 single supplement). The Nov. 3-9 option includes three days at the school, plus hotel in El Fuerte before and after the work days, for $720 per person ($125 single supplement).

Sue Stilwell of S&S Tours is again handling the travel arrangements. A $300 deposit per person is required to hold your spot, with the balance due September 1 with a discount for payment by cash or check. For a complete itinerary or to reserve space, contact her toll free at 866-780-2813 or check out her website: www.ss-tours.com

Uniform Dress

Children at the primary school are now wearing uniforms. The Tewecado Trust purchased warm sweaters to complete the look, and the girls were delighted with their new duds.


In Memory Of:

Laurence K. Ettari
Peggy Hershberger

In Honor Of:

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nellums
Sarah Ovenden
Gary Holmes
Elsabe Kloppers
Robert Katrein
Alan Pollack & Maggie Keane
George Masek, Sr. Patricia Sullivan

You can honor those you love with a donation to the Tewecado Trust. We will send a card to them informing them of your thoughtfulness.

Say "Whiskey"

... is the Mexican equivalent of "Say cheese." But, not all header four-year-olds understand that. Little Zulema proudly posed for her picture with a statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe she had somehow commandeered. "Say Whiskey," the other children kept telling her as they pointed to her and the statue, and she finally grinned. Later, it was apparent she was not clear on the concept, as she invited her friend to play with her and her new doll, Whiskey. Hopefully, the Virgin of Guadalupe has a sense of humor...

Upgrading Skills

Two new teachers will be starting teacher certification training in September, bringing the school's total to five active participants. To complete theheader 5- year program, the teachers must travel almost every Friday to Creel, a severalhour train ride from Cerocahui, and spend the weekend in intensive classes. The Tewecado Trust provides $1,250 scholarships for these hardworking young women to continue their studies. We could use your support! If you would like to help, please indicate "teacher scholarship" on your check.

Thank you!

Donations to the trust have not diminished despite the hostile economic environment over the past couple of years. This has been especially important since a dramatic decrease in travel to the Copper Canyon has resulted in a large drop in onsite donations to the school. Your support has permitted the trust to partially compensate for this decrease. The sisters and students greatly appreciate your generosity and ask for your continued support.