Tewecado Trust

Spring 2011

Tewecado Trust, Inc.
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YOU Did It!

The roof is done! On March 2, 2011, Abel Lopez finished the last section of the roof over the classroom portion of the school. Completion of this project took 3-1/2 years and cost a total of $75,100, all of which was donated by YOU, our generous supporters. Thank you!

Deep freeze

Severe temperatures in February affected much of the U.S., but the front dipped deep into Mexico as well. As a result, food crops in the state of Sinaloa, neighbor to the Copper Canyon region, were decimated. The sisters count on food from agricultural donors in nearby Los Mochis. Sadly, says Sister Catalina, many donations of foodstuffs will not happen this year. In addition, many Tara-humara families are impacted by loss of seasonal employment at the corporate farms as well as the continuing drought affecting local crops.

Cozy quarters

During our donor trip to the school in November, we began work on a project in the sisters' private quarters. Our intrepid crew demolished the former bedroom area - ratty plywood cubicles with crumbling floors and ceilings -- and left a blank slate for volunteer Ramon Ordóñez to complete. And did he ever! He designed and singlehandedly built three private bedrooms and baths - including the plumbing, drywall, flooring and finishing work. The results are amazing ... and the updated digs a source of joy to the sisters. The Tewecado Trust also paid for the improvements, a minimal outlay since Ramon entirely donated his services.

Ramon Ordóñez has been a fulltime volunteer at the school for the past two years. Retired from business in Chihuahua City, he has made himself indispensable, doing everything from construction projects to tying the girls' sandals, serving as chauffeur or all-around handyman. Best of all, says Sister Catalina, he provides a positive masculine influence on the girls, demonstrating honesty, integrity and commitment to a greater purpose.

What's next?

With several capital improvements under our belts, it's time to turn our attention to the future of the school. In discussions with our board members and several generous donors, we have identified our next priority: growing the endowment fund. We currently have some monies earmarked for this purpose, but our hope is to eventually increase the principal so the Tewecado Trust can fund the school's operations from interest payouts, a very longterm - and lofty - goal. Please note "Endowment Fund" on your donation.

Growing needs

Over the years, the day school population has grown to over 300 students, which has stretched classroom capacity to the limit. Thanks to a grant from the Chihuahua Businessmen's Foundation, this situation will soon be improved. This group of philanthropists, who built the school's new dormitory in 2003, is providing the funds and manpower to expand the school's classroom and library space by constructing a second story over the day school's western side. The Tewecado Trust has committed to purchase the furnishings for the new space: desks, chairs, shelving units, filing cabinets and furniture for a teachers' lounge.

Look for us on-line!

The Tewecado Trust has a website and a Facebook page for the school in Cerocahui. If you haven't done so lately, check out our website at www.tewecado.org or become a Facebook fan and receive regular updates on your favorite little Tarahumara girls. Both sites are maintained by volunteers. Facebook makes it easy to spread the word and tell your friends about the wonderful work you are supporting in Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains. If you are already on Facebook, check us out at Children's School @ Mexico's Copper Canyon. If not, it's easy to sign up at www.facebook.com.

Donations Received

In Memory Of

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Marg Jungels by Doug & Mary Yorke
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Marilyn Katrein by Michael Katrein
Brenda Carson by Doreen Shore
Robert Katrein by Linda & Ronald Barba
Rich, Karen, Elizabeth, Olivia & Brian Nellums by Robert Nellums
Patrick & Jackie LeBlanc by Charlie Hunter

Thank you! Your assistance has been especially important since the dramatic decrease in travel to the Copper Canyon has resulted in a considerable drop in on-site donations to the school. Your support has permitted the trust to partially compensate for this decrease. The sisters, teachers and stu-dents greatly appreciate your generosity and ask for your continued support of the Tewecado Mission School.