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Spring 2015

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We recently returned from our annual visit to the school, and what a difference a year makes! As we've mentioned before, all four Sisters are new to the school - but not to the field of edu-cation and care -- and represent a range of ages and experience. They come with love and en-thusiasm and a sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of the girls at the Tewecado school.

Meet Sister Judith

Sister Judith comes to Cerocahui with a rich experience in cultures and languages. As part of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Poor, she has spent 15 years outside Mexico's borders, including 10 years in Kenya, four in Italy and most recently, a year in Cuba. She speaks several languages and was delighted to practice her English with the recent visitors. Sister Judith is the administrator of the school.

Leave a legacy

Now that you've taken care of your own children, how about some of ours? Remembering the Tewecado Santa María de Guadalupe/Tewecado Trust in your will is one way to ensure your legacy lives on. If you're not sure how to word your be-quest, check out www.leavealegacy.org for examples.

Tewecado donor Jody Friend enjoys her time during her first visit to the school. (Left) It's manicure madness for a passel of anxious little girls. (Below) There's nothing more exciting than to see a picture of

Safety first

Safety in the Copper Canyon region has always been on our radar screen. Since first visiting the area in 2000, we have been aware of drug activity and the occasional battle for turf that ensues. While it is generally limited to fights among the cartels and has rarely affected the tourists who visit, it does often affect the lives of the people who live in the region: Tarahumara men, in particular, are often "drafted" into service by the cartels, planting and/or harvesting illegal crops on their own land or serving as mules to transport the illicit loads. A recent flareup among competing cartels has created much anxiety among the local Tarahumaras in Cerocahui and, sadly, is causing a number of families to flee the area. As a result, the current enrollment in the boarding school is 86 girls, a drop of 18 students. And, as a special precaution, the Sisters have stepped up security at the school to ensure the safety of the girls and the elementary school students.

In spite of this, however, the area is safe for tourism. During our recent visit we felt no qualms about venturing into the more remote areas of the region. The Sisters at the school would welcome your interest and visit, and, of course, your financial support.

What's next?

Several possibilities are on the drawing board for future projects, from transportation to remodeling projects. We are working with the Sisters to determine priorities and ensure your donations are used wisely. In the meantime, please keep "our" girls in mind when planning your annual giving. Thanks to you, our donors, the children are fed, housed and educated. Thank you for your continued support.


In Honor

George Masek by McGinnis Family
George Masek by McGinnis Family
Bob & Marilyn Katrein by Michael Katrein
George Masek by Scott Anderson
Charlie Hunter by Martha Rowley
Robert Katrein by Linda Barba

In Memory

Peggy Hershberger by Gene Hershberger
Molly Beth by Dennis & Suzy Martinek
Nina Masek by Scott Anderson
Al Klose by Joyce Klose
Trisha Pedroia by Martha Rowley
Catherine Powers Wing by Richard Wing
Jerry Klotz by Barbara Klotz
Robert Mitchell by Catherine Devanney

Saludos from the Sisters

"We are so grateful for your good-hearted support throughout all these years. Our prayers are the only things we can offer you in return - that you may never lack for anything and that you may continue helping people like us who are in need of your great generosity.

Please send a warm hug to all of those who have joined with you to make all this possible. God bless you all."

-- Ana María, Benita, Isabel y Judith

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