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Spring 2018

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Life is seldom easy for the poor... and even less so in the remote regions of Mexico's Sierra Tarahumara. Every day is a new challenge for the Sisters trying to feed, house, and educate their Tarahumara charges. To wit:

Water problems: The Tewecado Trust's very first project in 2003 was to replace and bury the water line running from the Cerocahui school's private spring. The pipes were being vandalized and tapped by locals seeking to avoid paying for municipal water. The thinking was that burying the line would eliminate the issue and ensure a steady flow of water to the children. Logical, but perhaps naïve. The water is still being syphoned off, to such an extent that the school was lacking sufficient water pressure for daily activities, such as bathing, cleaning, and cooking.

But the good news is... For now, the Misión Hotel located next door is providing access to water, a stopgap measure until a more permanent solution can be identified. Once that happens, the Tewecado Trust will be there to help.

Electrical issues: The electrical grid is iffy in the mountains and especially so in remote Guadalupe y Calvo, where the Sisters care for 60 Tarahumara girls. A recent surge fried all the office computers, leaving the staff "in the dark" for several weeks.

But the good news is... Thanks to your support the school now has three brand-new computers ... and the Sisters and staff a lot less stress. Says Sister Benita, "You can't imagine how much this new equipment has helped us move forward and better serve our community. You are an integral part of our mission to bring smiles to these children. Blessings to all of you."

Drug activity: The cartels have made life difficult for the folks in Madera lately. At times, fearing the violence, the town has imposed curfews and schools have been closed. Travel to and from Chihuahua, where many of the school's supplies are purchased, has been hampered by impromptu roadblocks imposed by drug lords.

But the good news is... Chess. Yes, chess. In the midst of it all, a local teacher has started a student chess club to challenge the kids and provide a positive outlet. Such was the enthusiasm that eleven grade-schoolers headed to Chihuahua with their teacher to participate in the State Chess Competition. Madera fifth-grader Aylin Carrillo Flores took first place and is headed to Nayarit in June for the national event.

April Showers

Well, not quite. The new shower facility is still on tap, but a bit delayed due to the water issues the school is experiencing and some new developments at the school. Madre Bego has been named "Vicaria," or vice-regent of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Poor. This post comes on top of her other responsibilities, which include Tewecado School Administrator and Mother Superior, and involves extensive travel to other schools and communities throughout Chihuahua. Madre Bego is currently working with the engineer to develop a budget and timeline, which will likely move into the next school year. The Tewecado Trust has already committed to this project, so stay tuned for updates.

Moving Up

Thanks to the support of several of our donors, Don Ramon's "girls" are making progress: Cecica has paid her diploma fees and is taking her professional certification exam in May. Emilia graduated, paid her fees and is working for DIF (a government family services agency). Coming full circle, she will soon be transferred to the Regional Rehabilitation clinic in Cerocahui. Irma has paid her diploma fees and has landed a job with the State Commission for Indigenous Peoples.




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