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Summer 2017

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From this...

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Now we're cooking...

When Madre Bego requested our help with enlarging and updating the Tewecado's kitchen, we were skeptical. Could she pull it off in the 9-month timeframe she was proposing? Sure enough, last month the finishing touches were added to the expanded facility, including a brand-new wood-burning stove where the girls prepare their daily ration of tortillas. With the new capacity, the Sisters can implement the government-sponsored free meal program for all the primary school children beginning in fall of 2017.

This project was fully funded by our Tewecado friends and donors. Thank you!

Christmas gifts for all was just one of the many ways our donors made life a little better for the chil-dren of Mexico’s mountain region. Your dollars funded building upgrades, teacher salaries and opera-tional expenses in Cerocahui, new windows and drinking fountains in Madera, and computers in Gua-dalupe y Calvo, among other things. Thanks to your generosity and continued support we have been able to help support four separate schools run by the Sis-ters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Poor in the Sierra Madre region.

Weather takes its toll on the plaster wall of the school. Rather than purchase expensive tile, why not corral the energy of 100 little girls to gather stones at the river?! Here, a local craftsman installs the new wainscoting.

Teaching values, healing wounds

Sister Catalina, who, many of you know, was school administrator in Cerocahui for many years, now finds herself in a remote outpost in the northern reaches of the Sierra Madre Moun-tains. La Ciudad de Madera ("City of Wood") is idyllic, she reports, surrounded by woods, thermal springs and majestic mountains. Unfortunately, this beauty is marred by rampant drug violence and increasing insecurity and fear on the part of the community. Numerous families have lost loved ones to the violence, leading to the breakdown of families, orphaned children and increased poverty. Faced with this situation Cata says, "We urgently need to teach our children the importance of human values and morals. One of our goals here in Madera is to heal some of the moral wounds that they - the children and the community in general - have suffered." As a first step, the school hosted a school reunion to re-connect former students and enlist their support in building a more positive environment in the town and surrounding areas.

While the Sisters have been doing their work, Tewecado donors have enabled them to make some physical improvements for the children as well. Thanks to your support, the school in Madera has new windows and space heaters for the classrooms.

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Children's School @Mexico's Copper Canyon

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